It starts when you notice you’ve been daydreaming of the open road. Or thinking of unexpected moments you’ll share together. Then you realize… It’s a #BikeCrush!

2017: Year in Review

This time of year we’re planning for the sunny days and great rides ahead. But we’re also taking some time to reflect on where we’ve been. Some highlights from 2017:

7 Tips for Fall Layering

Fall is a wonderful time to ride a bike. The air is cool and crisp, and you can cruise to work, school, or the store in style without having to practice a lot of sweat-management techniques. Dressing for cooler temps can still be tricky, though, since it’s easy to overdress and arrive at your destination feeling a bit mussed. Here are some tips for effortless fall layering:

Enhance Your Fall Ride

5 Features That Increase Bike Joy - Sometimes our bike joy wanes as the days get shorter and the weather less agreeable. With these five bike features, riding can remain a pleasure long after shorts weather is gone. 

4 Reasons to Give Mountain Biking a Try Right Now

Mountain biking comes in many forms - meaning down dirt paths, doing some quick laps in a park after work, or taking a ribbon of trail into the hills to a great picnicking spot. Wondering whether it's for you? Here are four reasons to give mountain biking a try right now.


Which bike should I buy?

At Raleigh we build bikes that fit easily into your lifestyle. But we realize finding a bike is a process. We think it should be enjoyable. Follow these five steps to find the Raleigh bike that’s just for you.