Raleigh RX 2.0 Featured in Cyclocross Magazine

Cyclocross Magazine reviewed the Raleigh RX 2.0, calling it "a very worthy 'do it all' bike" and stating that Raleigh "has been impressive in their innovation and updating in the Cyclocross market." We're stoked! Head to your local Raleigh dealer to see if they still have any in stock and buy the Cyclocross Magazine issue while you're there.

A Surprise Gravel Trip on the Tamlands

Last week Raleigh took off to the Midwest to surprise Minnesota and Wisconsin’s Erik’s Bike Shops. An every year event, the managers show up at the 36-year-old bike shop for a surprise retreat, focused on a different facet of cycling to better understand their customers. This year, they showed up to prepped Raleigh Tamlands, all ready for a gravel ride.

Team Raleigh-Clement’s Season Launch And Attack On The Gran Prix Of Gloucester

The cyclocross season is in full swing and North America’s professional cyclocross circuit kicked-off in Seattle two weeks ago with the return of Star Crossed. Founded in 2002, it’s the nation’s first twilight cyclocross race. Belgian Ben Berden, the oldest and most decorated member of the squad, got the season underway with a third place finish, despite a trip over the handlebars thanks to aggressive racing by his rivals.