Mountain bikes continue to develop and evolve at every switchback. Our passion for the dirt has pushed us to develop our strongest line of Mountain Bikes ever, that is highlighted by our introduction of 2 new Full Suspension models.

2014 29" Hardtail

Growing our off-road business is a high priority for Raleigh in 2014. We examined every detail of our mountain bikes and made improvements to all of them for 2014. The Talus line boasts new frames with updated geometries that improve the bikes’ handling and ride quality. It’s no mystery that great components are an integral part of a singletrack ready mountain bike, which is why we carefully selected each part of the bike for the most confidence-inspiring ride up or down the trail. New frames coupled with outstanding components result in our best mountain bike line to date

2014 26" Hardtail

The world is not flat. More so, the trails and streets you ride are not perfectly smooth and free of obstacles. You want a bike tough enough to take what is thrown at it. Jumping off curbs or trying out the local trails, these bikes are built to take on your world of adventure.

2014 Cruiser

Bikes were made to be fun. And nothing has ever captured the pure simple enjoyment of riding a bike like the way cruisers have. Which is why they have remained relatively unchanged over the years. As the saying goes, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’

2014 Youth

Every kid should have a great time riding a bike. In 2014, all of our kids bikes have been redesigned for a better fit, giving them better handling and making them safer. Our mission is to ensure their comfort and safety when they go out to experience the freedom that comes with that first ride.

Mountain Framesets

We’ve made the weapons for you. Now you can build them as only you’d have it built. Some of our finest bikes are available as framesets for you build to suit your personality and riding style.