2015 Road

125 years ago, roads were not what they are now. They were unforgiving and cobbled. Most roads then were nothing more than dirt paths that were rutted out from horse buggy wheels. This is when we started making road bikes.


Bold and daring. Flash and fast. Legacy meets innovation in our 2015 Road line. This lineup of Women’s Road bikes is our best to date. Bikes will all the technology, all the attention to detail, and the flash that today's riders deserve.


Racing pure and simple. High speed and high risk. These are the bikes that inspire the confidence to push yourself a little faster and a little further than you’re sometimes comfortable with.

Open Road

This is the result when a bike is constructed with the best materials, and designed to optimize the most important component of a bike…the riders.

Flat Bar Road

Speed and agility. Tough and nimble. Quick rides around the neighborhood after work or long rides on the weekends.


We love to call our steel bikes our Heritage. Known as the original All Steel Bicycle Maker we have a deeper and richer history with this metal than anyone else creating bikes today.


No longer confined to the banked walls of the velodromes. Track bikes have jumped the walls and found themselves in the rough and unforgiving city streets. Get on, strap in and hold on…you’re in for a ride like nothing else out there.