Staple Pigeon Redux

A limited-run collaboration with NYC-based creative and designer Jeff Staple, the Redux 2 Staple Edition is the ultimate versatile city bike.

Watts Up Seattle! Recap

On Bike Everywhere Day, Raleigh hosted Watts Up Seattle!, a pop-up demo event featuring electric bikes, food, drinks, and more.

E-bikes 101: Everything You Need to Know about Electric Bikes

Part fitness tool, part vehicle, an electric bike turns up the volume of everything you love about cycling. An e-bike lets you:

  • Love the whole ride, even the hills. Spin all the way to the top, no sweat.

  • Work out without overdoing it. Pedal more miles more often.

  • Zip through traffic and run errands. Shuttle kids and cargo with ease.

  • Commute in sleek style. Arrive fresh and polished every day.

Here are the answers to the most common questions we get about e-bikes:

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: For the Kid who Likes to Race to the Park

Kids have learned ride on Raleigh bicycles for generations. Our sturdy, high quality kids' bikes are made to get them where they want to go and have fun doing it – from sidewalks to school, from the park to the ice cream shop, and from pavement to dirt. Get them outside on two wheels now and open the door to a lifetime of riding.