Staple Pigeon Redux

A limited-run collaboration with NYC-based creative and designer Jeff Staple, the Redux 2 Staple Edition is the ultimate versatile city bike.

Watts Up Seattle! Recap

On Bike Everywhere Day, Raleigh hosted Watts Up Seattle!, a pop-up demo event featuring electric bikes, food, drinks, and more.

E-bikes 101: Everything You Need to Know about Electric Bikes

Part fitness tool, part vehicle, an electric bike turns up the volume of everything you love about cycling. An e-bike lets you:

  • Love the whole ride, even the hills. Spin all the way to the top, no sweat.

  • Work out without overdoing it. Pedal more miles more often.

  • Zip through traffic and run errands. Shuttle kids and cargo with ease.

  • Commute in sleek style. Arrive fresh and polished every day.

Here are the answers to the most common questions we get about e-bikes: