Sometimes we're just smitten with a certain bike. It happens to all of us. We asked around Raleigh HQ, what's your #BikeCrush?

Kate #BikeCrush


What is your Raleigh #BikeCrush?  Amelia 2

Why this bike?  I love the purity of road riding, but nothing beats the sound of dirt under my tires. With this bike I get both!

Dream date (with your #BikeCrush)?  A scenic ride on the John Wayne Pioneer Trail through the two-mile railroad tunnel. We'll pack a lunch and stop to snap photos of the Cascade Mountains. Afterwards, we'll unwind with an easy spin on the Sammamish River Trail over to Black Raven Brewery for a pint and a bite from the food truck.



What is your Raleigh #BikeCrush?  Preston

Why this bike? With its copper board track racer bars, balloon tires, single-speed simplicity, disc brakes, and compliant, reliant steel frame and fork, I would long to go clunking down a fast, open fire road, without the clunk, but all the flare of a graveled high rouleur. This is another great bike, ideally suited to a variety of riding conditions, on- or off-road, carrying momentum uphill, blasting down fast open doubletracks and drafting 18-wheelers down a lonely country highway. 

Dream date (with your #BikeCrush)?  I would take this bike in pursuit of game, to make a great escape from prison, or to and away from the hidden liquor still, buried deep in the woods. Like this video here.

Grand Sport


What is your Raleigh #BikeCrush?  Grand Sport

Why this bike?  Smooths out all of life's chatters and bumps with its supple chromoly steel frame. 

Dream date (with your #BikeCrush)?  Town roads lead to the vintner in the countryside for summer wine tasting and the slow roll home under moonlight. ... (Shhhhhhh, don't tell my Tamland!)

Carlton 8


What is your Raleigh #BikeCrush?  Carlton 8

Why this bike?  It's a simple and clean-looking bike. It has fenders to keep me dry in the event that I'm stuck in the Seattle rain. It has a single chainring in the front so that all I have to think about is shifting my rear gears to make my riding simpler. And did I mention that it has a front rack to fit whatever I want?

Dream date (with your #BikeCrush)?  We would ride some paved bike paths to one of the best farmer's markets in Seattle. I would shop for some flowers that fit perfectly in the front rack. We would stop for a delicious cup of coffee and farm-fresh vendor foods. If it's going well, we can stop by Golden Gardens and enjoy the sunset on a Seattle beach!

Alysa 2


What is your Raleigh #BikeCrush?  Alysa 2

Why this bike?  I love that the Alysa 2 is lightweight, stylish and I can take it just about anywhere. The flat handlebars and slight drop of the top tube make for a comfortable ride. 

Dream date (with your #BikeCrush)?  Cruising the neighborhood park with my kids or chasing them through the trails at our favorite campground.

Port Townsend


What is your Raleigh #BikeCrush?  Port Townsend

Why this bike?  The Port Townsend is a beautiful bike! I love the classic style and modern details. The timeless design fits my lifestyle, overall aesthetic, and is convenient for any urban adventure. 

Dream date (with your #BikeCrush)?  Explore the city of Seattle on a beautiful summer day. We would start with a pit stop at our local farmer's market, followed by a picnic in the park, gorge on some ice cream, and then watch the sunset by the water. 

Redux 2


What is your Raleigh #BikeCrush?  Redux 2

Why this bike?  I choo choo choose the Redux because of its simplicity and burliness. The 1x drivetrain means I'll have less dropped chains, and simplified shifting. This is perfect for me since I use this bike for rallying through the city streets, riding with traffic and taking shortcuts on my normal route. The big tires give me a smooth ride and an extra bit of cushion for curb hopping and the occasional pothole. Flatbars are awesome for visibility, comfort and I feel like I have better control of the bike. 

Dream date (with your #BikeCrush)?  Grab a friend, and take a long route through the city. Grab a quick bite, and head to the waterfront. Along the way, blast through shortcuts, hop curbs, split lanes, avoid the taxis, and ride a staircase. Get to where we want to go, and have a blast along the way. 

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