Cycling with Dad: Sharing Dad's Passion

Sharing Dad’s Passion
By Francesca Renouard

Growing up, my dad and I used to spend time together not watching typical sports like football or basketball, but running and watching local cross country and track meets.  That evolved to also include cycling after my dad and the dads of my two childhood best friends started a biking group.  Every once in a while, our dads would take us and our sisters on rides.  I caught on to cycling pretty quickly after that and soon my dad and I were biking more frequently and always tried to include a father-daughter bike ride on family vacations to my dad’s home state of Montana.  Around the same time we also started following pro cycling races.  During the summers we often hung out together by getting up early to watch the big mountain stages in the Tour and other big races.

Cycling has been a great social way to exercise and de-stress for my dad.  My dad has made a lot of really great friends through cycling and I know he’s always looking forward to getting back on the bike whether for a short ride after work or a longer ride on the weekend.

I vividly remember my dad teaching me to ride, I’m guessing I was probably around five years old.  We were at Matthew’s Beach in Seattle and as he pushed me down the hill, I begged him to not let go to no avail.  I went flying with no control of my speed towards the water and at the very last moment figured out how to control the bike just in time to turn away from the water! It was a close call, but I had no problem riding after that. 

Cycling with Dad

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