HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: For the Kid who Likes to Race to the Park

Kids on Bikes


Kids have learned ride on Raleigh bicycles for generations. Our sturdy, high quality kids' bikes are made to get them where they want to go and have fun doing it – from sidewalks to school, from the park to the ice cream shop, and from pavement to dirt. Get them outside on two wheels now and open the door to a lifetime of riding.

MXR 12 Jazzi 12

The MXR 16, for kids aged 3-6, features removable training wheels and a coaster brake to make learning easy. The Jazzi 20, for kids aged 4-9, is equipped with both a coaster brake and a rim brake to help little ones transition to using their hands for braking. Let bigger kids ride on their own or personalize their bike with accessories like these:

Bike LockBike BellsBike Pump