Raleigh's Roker Comp Featured in Forbes

Roker Comp

Described by Forbes.com as cycling's hottest trend, all-road riding has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. A hybrid between a mountain and road bike, all-road bikes allow cyclists to explore dirt trails and backroads that are not road bike friendly. All-road bikes, like Raleigh's Roker Comp, are designed with a frame that resembles a road bike but also feature wider tires and other refinements that allow it to handle the gravel, bumps and other obstacles non-paved roads entail.

For cyclists that are interested in an all-road bike that is geared for exploring trails, Forbes recommended the Roker Comp. Raleigh has been in the all-road game from the beginning and their years of experience are evident in the Roker Comp. The Roker is designed with a full carbon frame to counter road vibration and 40 cm tires which allows it to expertly handle off-road terrain and 

Editor's Quote: "For avid riders who plan on rough roads or participating in increasingly popular gravel grinder aces or events, this is a workhorse that can handle big hits and deliver performance, and I’d recommend it, especially with the 11 extra gears for racing."

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Roker Comp