Raleigh Bicycles 15 Days of Kindness for May National Bike Month

Take the pledge; ride your bike to find a happy place

Kent, Wash. (April 27, 2015) Raleigh Bicycles is proud to launch 15 Days of Kindness, an inspiring new way to celebrate National Bike Month. The challenge, focusing on traits such as kindness, bravery, and thoughtfulness, and ending on May 15 with “Go Green”, celebrates cycling and creates happiness in the every day.

“Bikes enrich our lives; they make us happier and create great moments,” said Dirk Sorenson, Raleigh’s director of marketing. “To celebrate National Bike Month, we will be kinder, more compassionate, more helpful & giving, and more green, with a hope to build a strong community that rallies around these values.”

Each day, Raleigh asks that participants engage in simple acts that will influence and enhance the lives of others. To see each quality by day, view the Raleigh 15 Days of Kindness calendar. Your action for each day may vary, but the ultimate goal of kindness remains the same.

Challenge yourself and take the pledge to join Raleigh at http://community.raleighusa.com/15-days-of-kindness#

Day 1- Promise – Take the pledge

Day 2- Compassion

Day 3- Love

Day 4- Kindness

Day 5- Volunteer

Day 6- Charitable

Day 7- Friendly

Day 8- Service

Day 9- Inspire

Day 10- Creativity

Day 11- Bravery

Day 12- Helpful

Day 13- Thoughtful

Day 14- Give

Day 15- Go Green

About Raleigh USA:

Raleigh USA is inspired by one simple idea – fun. Raleigh offers distinctive bicycles to ride in the city, dirt, or on the road for all ages and abilities. Based in Kent, Washington, Raleigh is a proud sponsor of smiles, families, local cycling, and the Raleigh Clement Professional Cycling Team. Learn about Raleigh Bicycles and our 125+ year tradition at www.raleighusa.com.