We service all bikes; new or vintage!

We can fix it up and get you on the road or trail in no time!

New Bike Tune-Up

Thank you for purchasing your new bike from Raleigh Santa Monica! With all new bikes purchased from us you are entitled to free minor adjustments within the first year of ownership. As with all new bikes the cables stretch a little bit and the brake pads bed in a little bit, when this happens just ride on down to the store and we'll make the quick adjustments.


If your bike needs some TLC we can help. Our staff will; adjust derailleurs, adjust brakes, adjust BB, adjust headset straighten the derailleur hanger (if required), spot true wheels, lube and measure chain, inspect and wipe down frame and inflate tires. Parts and accessories installed are extra.

Tune-Up and Re-Cable

Same as a Tune-up but includes labor to re-cable the bike (brakes and derailleurs). Cables and housing, as well as parts and accessories installed are extra.


The service of all services! Your bike is taken down to the frameset and completely rebuilt. Parts and accessories are extra.